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10 Dhak-Dhak Moments

29 Sep, 2014

10 moments when heart beats faster

Let's celebrate this World Heart Day by reading few of  those incidents when heart beats at a faster rate :)

1. First Proposal! The excitement of being in front of the person you like elevates the heart rate because of fear of rejection. All you hear is, “Please don’t break my heart!”

2. Night before the exam Test anxiety makes you frazzled. Only a friend,who did equal syllabus can help your nervously beating heart at that time.

3. Dad rage is equally proportionate to heart beats Everybody’s had heart palpitations when their Dads yell at them for banging the doors in midnight.

4.Getting parental permission Planning a night out with friends is fraught with danger. A "No" can set your heart racing faster than a Formula One car.

5. Zeros on your report card They can multiply your heart beats n times when you need get your parent’s signature.

6. Academic beats! Your first board exam or job interview can set your hear fluttering. But these are memories to be cherished forever, regardless of what your heart undergoes.

7. Fear of Dark Nighttime – the only time when your footsteps match your heartbeat.

8. It’s  Narayan Shankar’s Class! The mouth goes dry and the heart beats faster when the Math teacher hunts his prey. Who’s going to solve this problem?

9.Attractive stewardess walks over! She flashes her smile and says “how can I help you.” Does nothing to help the uncontrollably beating heart when we board the flight for first time.

10. Mom get the heart rate going too When she kicks into action to clean your room. Nothing can stop the thumping of the heart then because of that C.I. D team being there in your room. However, there are other potential reasons as well which can make your heart beat faster. Consult an experienced cardiologist for a healthy heart.

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