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10 Health Ironies of Indian Weddings

1. Dieting- It’s not tough to find partners in that crime Lots of tempting food makes you pile up your plate. Overeating is considered very normal in Indian weddings and it’s not tough to find partners in that crime too. 2. Aj toh Meetha khana banta hai! A great range of sweets are a must at Indian weddings. Copious amounts of barfis, jalebis and those melt-in-the-mouth ladoos are to die for! 3. Dard ko goli maro yaar! Indian weddings are the only place where aunties, dadis and nanis forget all about their joint pain and rock the dance floor. 4. Relatives have the perfect 6/6 vision Aunties have perfect 6/6 vision. No glasses needed when hunting for suitable brides and grooms. Bachelors beware! 5.  Move your body!            Hiding shoes, looking for lost stuff and dancing for hours on end gives you a high intensity workout that would stagger a marathon runner. 6.Skin troubles were never so frightening A pimple has no business on you face on this fateful day! 7. Greetings can be painful! As relatives are introduced, all those namastes and feet touching become a pain in the back. 8. Sleep later-No matter!  What are Indian weddings without late night functions and midnight chats with cousins. Sleep -who needs that? 9. Sobbing becomes the norm Activated tear glands helps cleanse their eyes. So, weeping at weddings certainly has its use by protecting eyes from infections. 10. Say cheese! As weddings present the best photo opportunities, it’s time to put your best smile forward, even forcibly. Are your teeth up to it??