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5 reasons why travel is good for your health

25 May, 2015

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In our overly busy and fast paced lives, we often forget to break away from our daily routines for relief and relaxation. Overworking and not taking time to recuperate often leads to chronic stress and burnout leading to subsequent health problems. We put off holidays and travelling due to work, household chores and various other obligations, however periodic holidays can be essential to strengthen both your personal and your family’s health.

 Travel is good medicine and could be the key to health and longevity. There are numerous ways how traveling can contribute to both yours and your family’s overall well being.


1. Reduces Stress

 Travelling in itself can be a euphoric experience. Not only does it take away the stress from our daily routines, it also increases our ability to handle stress better in the long run. People who find time to take periodic get-aways show reportedly lower rates of absenteeism, higher productivity levels and a slower burnout rate at the workplace.


 2. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

 Whether one goes on a hiking trip to the mountains or to simply relax by a beach, on holidays we keep ourselves active according to our body’s pace, allowing our bodies to rejuvenate. The Framingham Heart Study has shown; those who take no vacations are twice as likely to suffer from heart attacks due to stress and overwork. Whereas one’s Blood Pressure, heart rate and stress hormones decline with holidays, also lowering the risk of depression.


 3. Relationship Building

 Travelling is even better when done with your families! Travelling and exploring in a group, builds social ties, improves communication and interpersonal relationships through shared experiences and positive reinforcement of familial ties. Holidays with your family will allow a usually much needed break from everyone’s busy schedules to relax and re-connect.


 4. Adapting to Situations

 Travelling is always unpredictable. Being in a new setting with constant new experiences of people, environment, food, language etc. it not only makes you more flexible and intuitive, it gives you an enhancing and enriching experience. It can be very intellectually, physically and mentally stimulating, boosting both independence and self-confidence.


 5. Good for mental health

 Social and leisure experiences have been found to boost brain functionality and health. It also lowers the risk of subsequent dementia, by keeping the brain active.

 So stop putting off your travel plans, break away from your daily chores, and take a trip with your family – it’s healthy !