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9 flu moments in Office

24 Nov, 2014

9 flu moments

Some of the instances to which every one of us can relate to.

1. Half of the tissues form the pantry are at your workstation.
2. Because of your watery eyes, you get used to being asked “Is everything ok?”
3. You're often found lurking around the coffee/tea machine at work.
4. You lash at your friends when they say, “Off lele yaar” because you want your boss to agree to that.
5. There is no need to introduce yourself. The complete staff knows you in the office because of your "aachoo" noise.
6. Everybody becomes paranoid and has the germs fear. They keep on closely monitoring your activities.
7. If it’s Friday, you miss office parties which your friends throw. The schedule is set for next day i.e. Bed Rest.
8. You can’t enjoy tasty food in the cafeteria because you have been on a course of medicines.
9. Everyone tries to be a doctor and comes to you with the same advice, “Paracetamol ya crocin le le yaar". Also, in addition they wish "Bless you". Thus it's better to get rid of flu and live healthy life.
Get vaccinated today to protect yourself from the flu.
Consult an Internal Medicine specialist for complete diagnosis and treatment.