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Breast-feeding –How the Eskimos did it

01 Aug, 2014

Breast-feeding - How the Eskimos did it


Lesser Known Facts About Eskimos Childbirth


When a child is born, he is briefly introduced to the mother and whisked promptly away to the Nursery. To keep him warm, he is swaddled in blankets and kept in a crib and only given to the mother when it is time to feed. We do what we do, because that’s the way we have known. It is best practice, clinically sound and safe for mother and baby. But if we look beyond the so called civilized world, in isolated countries where they rely on intuition and wisdom passed down the ages, things are done differently. And who’s to say whether their ways are right or ours, but there’s something to be said for old wives tales, if outcomes are anything to go by. In the early part of last century, Eskimo women who didn’t have access to healthcare gave birth to babies in a kneeling position on the floor of the igloos. Even more astonishing was how the baby was introduced to the breast. The new born was placed upon the hip of the mother from where he would crawl his way up to the breast. Fascinated! Courtesy : The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential