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Care beyond the clinic

18 Jun, 2014

Care beyond the clinic by Physician at HCL Healthcare Clinic

Incontinence can be quite awkward. But with a little help from our doctors, you can deal with the problem quite easily.

Here’s how Dr. Dibyajyoti, a General Physician at HCL Avitas, helped a senior gentleman deal with acute incontinence. The 65 year old male came in with chronic urinary incontinence and fever. He was diabetic and on regular medication. He was also a heavy smoker.

Dr. Dibyajyoti examined him, making a provisional diagnosis of BPH (enlargement of the prostate gland) and started treatment. He was given medication to help his incontinence immediately. A blood test was recommended, which revealed presence of Prostatitis and no Carcinoma.

The next morning he reported that his incontinence had improved. He was very happy, as his first visit had been cut short due to his incontinence.  The consultation had ended abruptly.

Dr. Dibyajyoti referred him to a Urologist, explaining to him that a Urologist’s opinion was necessary in his condition. He insisted we fix the appointment for him.

The care coordinators at HCL Avitas got the wheels moving and an appointment with the Urologist was fixed. The Urologist made a diagnosis of Prostatis. Our care coordinators kept in touch with the gentleman regularly via phone calls, ensuring that he met the Urologist and was making progress.

A few days later, the senior contacted Dr. Dibyajyoti again. He had run out of his diabetes medication. He did not have a single dose, even for the night. We had the medication delivered to his doorstep. He was so happy that he visited the clinic to thank us in person.

This is an example of how when we extend ourselves as care providers, we achieve excellence in clinical delivery and are rewarded with smiles all around.

Dr. Dibyajyoti Hazarika is a General Practitioner at HCL Avitas. He possesses a natural healer’s touch and is as empathetic a doctor as you can get. When not helping people, he spends his time cooking, driving and travelling.

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