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Easy to follow health resolutions

30 Dec, 2016

Healthy New Year Resolutions

The new year is around the corner and it’s the time of making resolutions which last 2 weeks on average. You don’t have enough time to follow it or you made an ambitious resolution and it’s just too difficult to keep up with it. Here are few healthy resolutions you can keep this new year without breaking a sweat. As they say, health isn’t a destination, but a journey.

Always eat breakfast

You must have repeatedly read in almost every health blog that breakfast is the most meal of the day. We can’t deny that. It really is. When you’ve slept all night, your system is devoid of food and nutrition for a good 10-12 hours. Your system requires food with rich nutritional value. Have a hearty and healthy breakfast for a power packed day.

Have more water

Here is another fact we can’t ignore. As you know, 70% of your body is nothing but water. If this percentage falls by even 1%, you feel thirsty. But don’t wait for your body to ask for water. It is essential to drink water or take it in some form. If you don’t drink a lot of water, you can regulate your body’s requirements by having soup. Soup is a great appetizer and helps keep you warm as well.

Cut the sugar

Cut down on sugar wherever you can. Sugar is just added calories and it is harmful for you. It is highly addictive and leads to complications like diabetes and obesity. Sugar free drinks or supplements don’t help either as they are equally harmful. Replace your colas with freshly squeezed fruit juices. Try and have your tea and coffee without sugar.

Snack a punch – Carry a fruit

You can feel hungry between meals and be tempted to open that packet of chips. It is needless to say that’s one of the most harmful things you can do to yourself. It is always advisable to snack on a fruit when you’re hungry. Carry a fruit with you and eat it when those hunger pangs strike.

Keep looking at this space for more easy-to-follow health resolutions next week. Stay healthy, stay well and enjoy the winter. Cheers!