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Foreign Body in the ear

07 Jul, 2014

Foreign Body in the ear

Children are naturally inquisitive and often wonder how things work. Usually, they display this curiosity by asking questions, or by exploring the world around them.One of the dangers that can occur as a result of this curiosity is that your child may place foreign objects into his or her mouth, nose, and ears. While often harmless, this can create a choking hazard and put them in danger of serious injuries or infections.

A lady brought her eight-year old son to the HCL Avitas Gurgaon clinic with a ear ache. The boy was in extreme pain and appeared to be scared. Our physician on duty examined him and got right to the bottom of the problem. The boy had poked a pencil into his ear to scratch, dislodging the eraser at the end. The tip of the eraser could be seen during the otoscopic examination. Scared of being reprimanded by teachers and parents, the boy had tried to remove the eraser himself, pushing it further into the ear.

The worried mother and the obviously terrified boy narrated the incident, while our resident General Practitioner, Dr. Dibyajyoiti, heard them patiently. He assured the mother that the eraser would be easily removed by an ENT surgeon. They were referred to the nearby hospital’s emergency department, and the Casualty Medical Officer was briefed of the situation. The insurance Desk was also sensitised and requested not to delay treatment.

The lady was given the name of the CMO and the ENT Surgeon, so that she would know where to go and whom to meet. The boy was admitted and the eraser removed within 24 hours. The relief of the parent was apparent, as she personally visited the clinic and thanked our staff for the excellent support she received during the crisis.

Once again, the team at HCL Avitas showed presence of mind and complete commitment towards the patient. Very often, in an emergency, the affected party is panicky and cannot think clearly. In such a situation, if doctors can go beyond their call of duty and take care of the logistics, it makes a world of difference. This is what we call the “complete continuum of care.”

A word of advice. Children should be told about the dangers of putting sharp objects in their ears and nose. When an incident occurs, the most important thing to do is to keep your cool and visit the doctor immediately.