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Welcome Monsoon, Not Health Hazards: Tips to be healthy during the season

18 Jul, 2017

Monsoons are here, a welcome change for all of us from the sweltering and scorching summer heat but they bring along some unwelcome guests as well, which must be avoided at all costs.

It's very easy for the bacteria and the viruses to make their way during the rainy season because the water acts as an ideal medium for contamination. The monsoons are comparatively contagious than other seasons and that's the reason, why we must take precautions to stay healthy and happy!

Let's have a look at some simple yet effective health tips for Monsoons which can make the season even more enjoyable sans the worries.

1. Let the street food stay on the streets

During Monsoons, your body, your immune system and especially your digestive system are prone to infections. So, you need to maintain a healthy diet instead of gorging on your favourite chaat, kulfis, gol-gappas and other street food items. Also, preferably avoid raw fruits/ vegetables and salads unless you're consuming them at home where you can clean them thoroughly before eating them. Food rich in Vitamin-C boosts your immunity; try to include citric fruits in your daily diet as much as you can.

2. Drink enough and clean water

Mostly, diseases in the rainy season are water-borne. So, make sure you only drink water that is filtered and boiled. Monsoons increase the humidity levels in the atmosphere, which in turn make you, sweat frequently. So, don't compensate on your water intake regardless of your daily activities. Along with water, to maintain the liquid level and to cut the monotony, herbal/ green teas with antibacterial properties are a good idea.

3. A clean body keeps away the potential threats

We agree that walking and drenching yourself in rains is a tempting thing to do but it indeed makes you prone to a host of viral diseases and numerous fungal skin infections. So, make sure you wash your hands at regular intervals of time and take a bath more than one time.

4. Keep clear of damp indoors

Damp walls and corners at home or office promote fungal growth and are a complete ‘no-no’ for people suffering from asthma or any such respiratory problems during the rainy season. Try and keep your surroundings, neat and clean and preferably dry.

5. Mosquitos are your biggest foes during monsoons

Accumulated water during the rainy season is one of the biggest reasons to worry as it acts as an open breeding ground for mosquitos. So, make sure you don't let water clogged-in or around your home and use mosquito repellents like liquids/ coils/ sprays to kick mosquitos out. Also, try to carry or wear a mosquito repellent when you're out.

Every year, Dengue and Malaria claim thousands of lives in the country. You need to be careful during the season. The trick is to take precautions beforehand.

But if you get any health issue, you should consult a doctor / General physician immediately.