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Immunization - Vaccination

09 May, 2017

Immunization - Getting kids Vaccinated at the right time

Vaccination is one of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine. They protect a person from specific diseases that can make them ill, disable or even kill. Vaccines boost body's own defence system, which is also called the immune system. Sometimes vaccines are called immunizations, needles or shots.

Vaccine schedule

Until recently, most vaccines were aimed at babies and children alone. Now more and more vaccines are developed for use among elderly, pregnant mothers, adolescents, travellers and adults in a population.

In India, a child go through schedule that starts from birth to 12 years of age. A vaccine is a biological preparation. Traditional vaccines contain either parts of microbes or whole microbes that have been killed or weakened so that they don’t cause disease.


Why should you immunize your child?

  • Protects your child’s life. Diseases that once killed or injured thousands of children a few decades ago have now completely been eliminated with the help of vaccines. 
  • Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines are given only after a long and careful study by scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals. 
  • No side-effects. Side-effects, if any, are rare and the benefit of life-long prevention of the disease is more than the slight discomfort the child may feel. 
  • Required for school admissions. Vaccination records are mandatory at the time of admission and schools have a right to deny admission, if all vaccines have not been given. 
  • Protects future generations. Some diseases have ceased to exist, due to vaccines given to previous generations. Children don’t need to get small pox vaccine anymore because the disease has been completely eradicated.