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0 Tips for Healthy Lifestyle by Experienced General Physician

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet and physical activity are key to staying fit. Some facts on health and wellness that you may not be aware of. Exercise Improves Your...

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25 Jul, 2014


It’s dengue season again

While the monsoons may have been delayed this year, preparing in advance for the dengue season is advisable. In 2013, 109 people died of Dengue fever ...

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18 Jul, 2014

0 Tips to quit smoking


Even the Government is pro-health, with the Union Budget 2014 making cigarettes and soft drinks more expensive. Shouldn’t you be quitting now! Stayi...

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11 Jul, 2014

0 Foreign Body in the ear

Foreign Body in the ear

Children are naturally inquisitive and often wonder how things work. Usually, they display this curiosity by asking questions, or by exploring the wor...

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07 Jul, 2014