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World Hepatitis Day

Viral hepatitis is an international public health challenge, comparable to other major communicable diseases, including HIV, tuberculosis and malaria....

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28 Jul, 2016


Protocol for smoking cessation

Dr. Satya Narayana Mysore Problem statement and review of literature: Historical aspects: Archaeological excavations in Mexico and Peru have ...

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31 May, 2016

0 Sleep posture recommended by Gynecologist during pregnancy

Sleep Posture During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered which position to sleep in during pregnancy? As your tummy gets bigger, sleeping on the back may get uncomfortable. Besides, th...

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12 Apr, 2016

0 Dental check-ups by Experienced Dentist

Dental check-ups

How often do you need a dental check-up is a question that always comes to mind, besides wondering what it might entail. Your dentist will decide...

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08 Jan, 2016