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09 May, 2017

Pregnancy - Signs, Symptoms & Tips

A pregnancy needs monitoring by either Family physician or Obstetrician (doctor who specialises in pregnancy and childbirth.), who will see you through the nine months.

Testing for pregnancy

A simple blood or urine test can determine whether you are pregnant. The tests detects a hormone called HcG, which the body produces when a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus.
Home pregnancy tests available in the market are also quite reliable.

Symptoms of pregnancy

  • Missed period
  • Tender, swollen breasts
  • Nausea with or without vomiting
  • Increased urination
  • Fatigue
  • Food cravings 
  • Mood Swings

First trimester - 0 to 12 weeks.

A pregnancy is divided into three phases or trimesters, consisting of 3 months each.
The first trimester begins on the first day of your last period and lasts until the end of the 12th week. It is the most critical period during which all the major organs of the baby are formed.
Visit your Gynaecologist to plan your care through your pregnancy. She will assess your health, give you advice on diet and exercise, prescribe supplements and advise certain tests.

  • Blood grouping
  • Haemogram
  • Blood Sugar – Fasting and PP
  • TSH
  • HIV & HBsAg
  • HCV
  • VDRL – W
  • Rubella IgG
  • Double marker
  • HcA1c(if needed)

What to expect in the first trimester?

  • Tender breasts
  • Morning Sickness
  • Slight bleeding around period

What should you do?

Tip 1 - Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet

Tip 2 - Get active

Get active

Tip 3 - Take folic supplement

Take folic supplement



Your baby’s growth in the 1st trimester

  • Your baby is about 5.4 cms long from the head to the bottom. 
  • Her organs are fully formed and functioning
  • Nerve cells are multiplying fast
  • The eyes have moved from the side of the head to the centre, giving a more human appearance to the face.