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What is Root Canal

09 May, 2017

What is Root Canal - Need and Procedure

Root canal is the cavity within the centre of the tooth. A treatment to repair and save a badly infected tooth is called a root canal. The damaged or infected area of the tooth is removed and the area is disinfected and sealed.

Why do you need a root canal?

  • An injury or a large cavity that is ignored damages the tooth’s root. The tooth becomes infected and inflamed.
  • If ignored, the damaged tissue in the tooth can start decaying. Bacteria and decay can cause an infection or an abscessed tooth.

The root canal procedure

  • Your dentist will take an X-ray to see the shape of the root canal and check for infection.
  • The area will be numbed using local anaesthesia.
  • A sheet of rubber (dam) is placed around the tooth.
  • A hole is drilled into the root.
  • The pulp, decayed nerve tissue and related debris is removed.
  • After the tooth is cleaned, it is sealed.
  • A temporary filling is used to protect the tooth from getting contaminated.
  • A crown is placed on the tooth to protect it.
  • For the first few days, the tooth may feel sensitive.

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