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Sweat It Out For Good

23 Aug, 2017

Importance of Physical Activities on Health

Run in your way rather than running away!

There are two types of people - one who love exercise and do it as a hobby and others who would rather prefer to sleep for few more hours. The importance of exercising in our life needs no introduction. It not only reduces major health risks but also helps boost mood, brain power and vitality. Yet less than 75% people in the evolved world are able to achieve the recommended level of exercise every week, with many people not following a structured exercise routine at all.

According to a WHO report, "an estimated 42 million children aged under 5 years were overweight or obese in 2015, an increase of about 11 million during the past 15 years. Almost half (48%) of these children lived in Asia and 25% in Africa". Obesity and related health risks like heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure are on a rise.

The fact is we all need to overcome our exercise apathy and initiate a positive step to live longer and healthier. We have compiled some fitness tips to help you get rid of excuses:

  • Try to set tiny goals: The most common excuse to avoid exercising is a lack of time. So, instead of making unrealistic goals, aim for shorter yet intense workouts.For example, a 15-minute HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a better option over a 30-minute treadmill run.
  • Music is your fuel: A recent study by the University of Wisconsin La Crosse Exercise and Health Program has reported that listening to upbeat music while working out can reduce the perception of effort and increase the endurance by 15%. Create a playlist of your favourite ‘high-tempo’ tracks that make you pumped up.
  • Exercise with others: Make a workout buddy who can act as a 'mojo' in your life to motivate you for exercising daily. Training in groups or with friends/ peers is a proven way of ‘to stay energised’ and that is one of the reasons why exercise classes like Zumba are so popular.
  • Cut the monotony with different workout regimens: Don't follow any specific exercise or a workout blindly and endlessly if you don't like it. Ask your trainer to vary your workout routine weekly so that your interest persists.
  • Reward yourself for your efforts: Revisit your school days where you used to get rewards for your good work; you must have loved that, right! It is a proven psychological trigger that helps us want to do well and continue to push ourselves. Be a kid again for good.

Exercise should not be a compulsion but a way of your lifestyle. Remember, you need to be healthy, not forced to live under pressure. Do as per your convenience and strength, and you will surely notice a healthy change in yourself.