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Vital Healthcare Tips

By:-Dr. PK Pathak M.D (Medicine)

So called diseases of affluence or lifestyle diseases like hypertension , diabetes , dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases , stress related disease and truncal obesity have grown exponentially and have reached epidemic proportions in India, So much so that it is now known as the hub for these disease in the world

Why is it so?

Frankly we do not know. Probably it is in our genes, As long as we were underfed or we were dying of infection or communicable disease and life expectancy as such was much less-it was not evident. From the moment health care services have improved, the mortality due to infectious disease has reduced dramatically. With improved economy, stresses of modern day living and changed lifestyle-this so called ‘lifestyle diseases’ are the new epidemic!

So what do we do?


  • Eat healthy- Fresh fruits/veggies. Low fat diet.
  • Exercise- at least30 minutes of exercise for a minimum of 5 days a week
  • No alcohol or at the most in moderation-not more than 60-90mL of hard drinks per day for not more than 5 days a week.
  • Weight management –try maintain ideal weight for your height and age with special emphasis on the truncal obesity
  • Reduce stress levels- use relaxation techniques like mediation, yoga or whatever works best for you.
  • Most of these diseases   like hypertension, diabetes dyslipidemia are known as silent killers i.e. there are no symptoms in the early stages.
  • Early detection – yearly medical checkups – mandatory after age of 40 , desirable after age of 30 ( if there is a positive family history /added risk factors)
  • Meticulous Control of your sugar levels/HbA1C if you are a diabetic, this reduces vascular complications remarkably.
  • Optimum control (near set target levels)  of your blood pressure if you are hypertensive
  • Last but not the least, never ignore any chest discomfort. Early   intervention saves damage to your heart/life.