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Why your vitals are vital

23 Jun, 2014

Important of Routine Health Checkup

 Time and again, we are told by health care professionals to get our numbers checked. An incident that took place during one of our health activities that brings to light the importance of getting our vitals screened.

HCL Avitas (Now HCL Healthcare) was conducting a complete Health Check for employees over 40 years of age at one of the large corporates in Noida. The program was well received, as it was being conducted on the office premises and offered a Complete Health Risk assessment, a battery of lab tests and free consultation, if needed, with one of our doctors. A health check is something every one avoids, but the convenience of this program was hard to resist.

An employee walked in, seemingly healthy and fit with no apparent signs of poor health. As part of the procedure, the nurse took his blood pressure. It was high, 170/120 (a reading of 120/80 is considered normal). The nurse checked the pressure from his other arm, which is standard procedure when readings are abnormal. When the reading came out to be consistent, a high of 170/120, she immediately contacted the General Physician on site.

An ECG was done after a thorough physical examination, following which the GP did a video-consult with one of the other HCL Avitas (Now HCL Healthcare) GPs. Technology is the back-bone of HCL Avitas (Now HCL Healthcare) clinics and all our doctors, and patients, benefit from this facility which in this case proved to be critical.

The employee was apprised of his condition and next steps explained to him. Our Care-coordinators are doing regular follow ups with him, monitoring his health and he is doing well.

What would have happened had he not decided to go in for a routine Health Check that day? Preventive Health is what healthcare professionals talk about relentlessly. Yet, how many of us take that half an hour out of our busy schedules.

Walking around with high blood pressure is an invitation to a heart attack. So, next time you plan a vacation, or think of going to the movies or the mall, think about when was the last time you had your blood pressure checked? Many of us are not even aware how much it should be!

Our multi-disciplinary team of doctors cut across time and space with the help of technology, working cross-functionally to ensure that the care you receive is the best. Our staff is trained in the Johns Hopkins way to recognize symptoms and read the warning signs accurately, so that doctors can make decisive action.

So, when are you visiting your doctor for a vitals check?