The strength of HCL Healthcare is its people and the communities we touch. We believe in transformation for a better brighter & healthier future for all. If you aspire to grow in a thriving, healthy, and fast-growing organisation that does great things for their employees and the community, you are at the right place. We take great pride in our values and culture that guide us in our actions every day. We aim high and travel into unchartered territories to explore, innovate & transform lives.

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“An Organization with unique values, vision and delivery model. For me, Indian Healthcare was all about hospitals and Nursing homes, but, HCL healthcare has brought a new dimension of healthcare with workplace family clinics to focus on preventive healthcare along with most critical but less touched part of the “Chronic Illness”. HCL Healthcare stood by me in tough times, gave me ample learning opportunities, helped me in transitioning myself into a professional leader and I feel immense pride in introducing myself as a working professional at HCL Healthcare.“

Dr. Achin Kumar

“HCl Healthcare: the word is so close to my heart now. I have been a apart of this organization for more than 4 years, and have seen it flourish . It gives me immense pleasure to see our sapling grow big and vast. HCL healthcare as a team built a robust frontier with all the faculty members and leaders amidst the Covid crisis. Everyone was mere a call away to help one-another. We all are like the roots of the tree HCL, together sustaining and making it grow.”

Dr. Disha Thakwani

“I have been part of HCL Healthcare since almost its inception and it has been a rewarding and enriching experience from all point of views. It is gratifying to see the way it has evolved, expanded and continue to grow from strength to strength. The challenges here became opportunities, because of the passion, talent & vision of our team. It has great culture and provides ample learning and growth to all of us. Above all, the top leadership is empathetic, totally approachable, and considerate towards the need of the team members. It is indeed a- great place to work…”

Dr. Sandeep Kumar Thakur