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Intern – Sales & Marketing(Without Stipend)

Develop a questionnaire and visit providers (Doctors / Chemists / Other healthcare Providers) in the vicinity to interview and gather information in following areas:


  • What are the main services & procedures that they conduct


  • Who are they affiliated with e.g. a corporate chain, referral network, tie ups- for business, diagnostics


  • Prices charged for top 5 services


  • Nos of footfall serviced for each of top 5 service / procedures


  • Profile of clientele and understanding of modus operandi of acquiring them


  • Anything that sets them apart


Networking with Medical Reps, Chemist visits to understand the provider landscape & prioritize which providers to visit


Direct Doctor Visits : Meet doctors and collect information on service availability, who will need the services Offered


Visit to Catchment Diagnostic services providers including Laboratory, Imaging, TMT etc.