Enabled a leading technology player stay ahead of COVID-19 disruptions to business.


The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world unaware, causing significant chaos and disruption. However, it also presented opportunities for businesses to innovate and create novel solutions to help deal with the effects of the pandemic. For HCL Healthcare, one such situation offered a chance to not only prove its worth, but do good – an important aspiration for a healthcare provider.

A COVID-created crisis, and search for a solution

A leading Indian technology giant with operations not only across India, but throughout the world, boasting thousands of employees and a thriving business, was keen to ensure the wellbeing of its workforce in the wake of a worldwide crisis. The requirement was of an immediate set of solutions for its workforce to navigate the emergency with minimal impact and access to best-in-class care and services, as allowed by the unprecedented circumstances.

A novel approach offering end-to-end COVID Management & Care!

Since the need of the hour was restricted mobility for all to contain the dangerously-contagious virus, HCL Healthcare brought forth a novel approach to manage the client’s healthcare needs by taking services directly to the employees’ homes. HCL Healthcare launched a comprehensive, carefully-coordinated, diligently-manned, 24X7 employee Helpline that encapsulated an end-to-end COVID Management and Care solution on a scale that was unprecedented in the corporate healthcare space in the country.

The Helpline launched a Tele-Med advisory for around 120,000 employees and their families across all arms of the company, Pan-India! It offered Clinical Assessment, RT-PCR Testing facilitation, Hospitalization support and Home Isolation support; and played a pivotal role in helping the customer manage its employees’ wellbeing.

Manned by highly-trained personnel, the Helpline supported by:
Addressing all health-related concerns of the employees, even if they were not related to COVID
Offering tests at home for suspected cases. If positive, have a nurse make a follow-up call to help the infected person interpret and understand the report while a doctor offered consultation and overall assessment of the patient’s condition
Ensuring calls from the highly qualified and trained HCL Healthcare doctors at regular intervals to assess the symptoms and provide ambulance support for hospitalization at a designated COVID hospital, if the need arose
A Care Package including access to Life Coaches who helped deal with the stress, and dieticians to provide guidance on immunity-boosting food as well a balanced diet to maintain good health
Provide regular follow-up care to manage post-COVID symptoms

Through the peak of the pandemic and beyond, HCL Healthcare helped address over 38,000 queries from employees of its customers from over 50 cities and towns in India. A team of 38 doctors and 34 nurses worked round-the-clock to answer queries and provide support over calls and emails within a 24-hour timeline.

At a time and stage when the situation around the pandemic was still evolving, HCL Healthcare was providing on-ground, critical end-to-end care leading to inspiring recovery rates.

As with all pioneering initiatives, this is work-in-progress, getting better by the day as learnings improve and improvements coalesce. Armed with newly-acquired specialist knowledge of a volatile and ever-changing pandemic, HCL Healthcare is now putting-together a robust program to assist companies with a vaccination implementation initiative for their employees, ready to be rolled out under the guidance of the government…saving lives, reigniting hope and restoring health and wellbeing!