Inculcating a culture of preventive health checks in a leading global organization


Healthy living tops the goals and aspirations for almost half (48%) of Indian consumers, according to an industry survey; however, at the same time a young Indian workforce, is increasingly dealing with issues of work pressure, sedentary lifestyle and striking work-life balance. Corporate India; therefore, suffers from several health challenges with large percentages of employees facing diabetes, hypertension and other lifestyle-related diseases.

Driven by the conviction that healthy employees make for a more positive and productive workplace and a healthier bottom-line, HCL Healthcare has been helping progressive organizations deliver preventive healthcare solutions to their employees, helping them reduce the burden of advanced-stage disease and ensuring their health and wellbeing in the long run. 

Making Employees and Their Families Healthy

A large technology giant boasting over 100,000 employees in India with average employee age of 28 years wanted to get the best of medical guidance and services to help improve the health of not just its employees but also their families. The challenge was to bring together a host of preventive and curative services, all under one roof, and enable seamless implementation and maintain continuity to drive effective improvements in the employees’ health and wellbeing journey.

Creating Solutions to Offer a Host of Preventive Care Management Services!

Since the client was keen to implement a holistic solution to drive improvements in the employees’ health and wellbeing, HCL Healthcare created a package offering differentiated preventive care services to employees and their families. Over 200 clinical personnel across eight cities in the country helped deliver services which included:

Preventive Health Checks including diagnostic tests, followed by doctor consultation to ascertain the health risks and implement mitigation plans 

Executive Heath Checks offering Chronic Condition Management Services – providing care continuity after Health Checks are done. For example, when an individual’s preventive health check determined risk of diabetes, HCL Healthcare helped with individual care plans including dietician consult, lifestyle coach guidance etc with regular check-ins on the progress made 

Emotional Health Assessment done using international accredited tools like PHQ and GAD-7, followed by timely interventions as advised by doctors 

Determine and help improve the organization’s Health Index, assisting the client with Individual and Group Health Scores with intelligent dashboard-based reporting to support with planning future health and wellness initiatives 

Over a period of four years, HCL Healthcare drove a 53% year-on-year increase in the number of health checks taken up by the client’s employees and their families with a repeat rate of 40% where 15% customers took health checks for the third time.