Implementing a Diabetes management program in a leading MNC


Today, India is considered to be the diabetes capital of the world. According to International Diabetes Federation, 77 million cases of diabetes have been reported in India in 2019 and this number is slated to touch 134 million by 2025. Diabetes also dramatically increases the risk of various cardiovascular problems. Sedentary lifestyles, imbalance in dietary intake and genetic make-up – all contribute to the rise of the disease in our country. 

Diabetes imposes a significant economic burden on working population and by that extension employers, particularly when including employees’ productivity costs. However, health plans to detect pre-diabetes condition followed by comprehensive care plans can help organizations ensure healthy workplaces and healthier bottom-lines. 

HCL Healthcare has been delivering such solutions to global organizations. 

Saying No to Diabetes Through Early Detection 

Given that the pre-diabetes stage can act as a warning signal to take corrective actions for an individual’s health; HCL Healthcare has designed a holistic Pre-Diabetes Care Plan. Focused on delivering preventive healthcare solutions, HCL Healthcare helped a large, diverse organization improve its employees’ health by putting in place programs for early identification for pre-diabetes, followed by remedial action to prevent the individual from developing diabetes in the longer run. 

Once the preventive health checks determined pre-diabetes for the clients’ employees, HCL Healthcare’s highly qualified and trained doctors, dieticians and life coaches guided them with customized plans. These included lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and exercise routines to reduce employees’ sugar levels and hence the risk of developing diabetes in the near future. 

~98% of the employees under HCL Healthcare Pre-Diabetes Plan were able to manage their sugar levels (present this graphically)

Reducing the Diabetes Burden on Employees

For employees who are already diabetic, HCL Healthcare offered personalized Diabetes Care Plans to help overcome the therapeutic inertia in their diabetes care, and control the disease. These plans were designed with an understanding of the medical, social, emotional, and patient-preference factors to ensure maximum impact.

~53% of the employees under Diabetes Care Plan reduced their sugar levels by ~10% (present this graphically)