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Dietitian and nutritionists in Delhi NCR

Book a consultation with our dieticians and nutritionists in less than a minute. Give us a call or book online and experience healthcare in a new light. We are currently operating in five health centres across Delhi NCR. Get personalized diet plans and take the healthy route to a happy life.

Good nutrition is essential to healthy living and overall well-being. A sound dietary and nutrition advice that evaluates your diet and offers you personalized advice can play an important role in your health. A good diet and nutrition advice will include

At HCL Healthcare, our goal is to provide you with useful and practical strategies to help you meet your dietary or health goals whether you are an individual, a family. Our team of well-trained dieticians provide diet and nutrition advice for all populations including paediatric, adolescent, adult, and senior citizens.  They not only make recommendations and put together a diet plan, based on your health goals or medical needs but also carry out timely nutrition assessment, counselling and nutrition education.

Our services include:

  • Nutrition advice on general nutrition topics like ‘Infant and childhood nutrition’, ‘Childhood overweight and obesity’, ‘Pregnancy nutrition’, ‘Nutrition for Teenagers and  elderly’.
  • Weight Management: Personalised advice (that fits your lifestyle) to lose weight safely.
  • Body Composition Analysis:  To assess your body fat, active tissue mass and hydration levels.
  • Food services: Review your menus and recipes, adapt recipes for specific dietary needs, and develop meal plans for different age groups and health conditions.
  • Dietary Advice for special health conditions such as diabetes, dyslipedemias (with high cholesterol), and digestive tract conditions.

Individual Consultations:

Our initial consultations are one-to-one where the dietician will ask you what your hopes and goals are and what knowledge, skills, meal plans or strategies you would like to have by the end of the session. We encourage our clients to ask questions, bring along food or exercise record, food packets, list of medications or food supplements, blood sugar records, or even recipe books. We also welcome others like spouse or family members to come in with you for the consultation.

Diet is often neglected but it’s the most important element of a healthy life. Our dieticians and Nutritionists take into account your lifestyle, history and more to give you personalized diet regimes which are good for you and your health.

Locations: Gurgaon Clinic | Noida Clinic

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Dr. Ruchika Jain

Dietetics and nutrition


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