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Orthopaedics Doctors in Delhi NCR

Visit any HCL Healthcare Clinic in your neighbourhood and experience the most modern care with Johns Hopkins expertise care at unbelievably affordable prices. You can also book an appointment online or via phone call with our orthopedic doctors.

Orthopedics is a specialty that focuses on injuries and diseases affecting your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. An orthopedic surgeon is a medical doctor who treats and manages these injuries or conditions though medications, exercise, surgery or prevention plans.

At HCL healthcare, our experienced orthopedic surgeons treat people of all ages, including: newborns and children with deformities, young people who need joint surgery or older people with degenerative joint problems like osteoarthritis.  Our surgeons also partner with other specialists like physiotherapists, and radiologists to provide quality, personalized treatment plans for our patients.

What We Treat and Procedures We Perform

  1. Arthritis (‘ inflammation and stiffness of the joints’)- Conditions of joints that causes symptoms of pain, limited movement, swelling and deformities in the joints like
    1. Osteoarthritis: chronic degenerative joint disease affecting knees, hips, lower back and neck
    2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  2. Low Back Pain- due to conditions like ‘Prolapsed discs’, ‘Sciatica’
  3. Osteoporosis: Conditions resulting in brittle and fragile bones due to hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D
  4. Soft-Tissue Injuries to muscles, ligaments, and tendon (Torn ligaments, sprains, and strains, nerve and tendon injuries, pulled muscles, and bursitis)
  5.  Joint Conditions like:
    1. Knee: Knock knees, bow legs to the Knee.
    2. Elbow : Tendon involvement like Tennis Elbow and Golfer's elbow
    3. Foot and ankle: e.g. Club foot and other foot deformities
    4. Hand/wrist  Pain : e.g. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    5. Neck Pain: including cervical spondylosis.
    6. Shoulder Pain : Conditions like ‘Frozen shoulder’
  6. Fibromyalgia: Chronic condition causing widespread musculoskeletal pain 
  7. Fractures and dislocations of bones /joints


Orthopedic Procedures done in our centers include

  1. Casting
  2.  Intra-articular ( ‘into joint spaces’ )injections,
  3. Suturing,
  4.  Manipulation of joints in fractures and dislocations
  5. Physiotherapy.
  6. Joint aspiration,
  7. Skeletal traction,
  8.  Incision and drainage – ‘Wound wash’,
  9. Open Biopsy for Infection, tumor
  10. Excision biopsy: Bursa, ganglion, lipoma

Here are our specialist orthopedics who treat all kinds of bone and joint problems across our centres. You can look up for location-specific doctors with our location filters.

Locations: Gurgaon Clinic | Noida Clinic

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Dr. Himanshu Gaur


5 years experience

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Dr. Paritosh Gogna


7 years experience

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