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Corporate Wellness

What we offer

HCL Healthcare has developed corporate health solutions keeping in mind the changing health context in urban India in general & health challenges of corporate India in particular. We offer comprehensive & customised corporate health solutions with strong focus on productivity and overall well-being.
The following are the pillars of our health care delivery model in corporate India.


Our dedicated team of doctors, technicians and support staffs has delivered more than 10,000 onsite health checks for convenience and minimum disruption of work schedules. Our well defined processes and logistics ensure seamless operations

Our onsite health care delivery system includes lab & biometric analysis, medical & social history, lifestyle assessment and doctor consultations.

Analytics Driven

Knowledge of repository of predictive modeling helps us analyze health data at individual, cohort and organizational level to generate insights. These insights are then reviewed by well-trained general physicians who provide customized health management plans.

Output Focused

We provide individual and organizational level customized action plans & programmes which are output focused. We offer personalized plans for low, medium and high risk employees.

Continuity of Care

Our world class family health centres provide continuity of care which goes beyond diagnosis & treatment and focusses on overall health & wellness.

Benefits to Corporate Partners

  • Prevention or delaying the onset of non-occupational illness impairment amongst employees.
  • ROI with productivity 3.9:1 and without productivity 3.3:1 has been observed through onsite clinical interventions resulting in better health, lowering of absenteeism
  • Sustain/lower the cost of providing health care benefits to the employees.
  • Reduced pressure on bottom line from rising health inflation.

Our Possible Areas of Partnership

  • Pre-employment Health Checks - Help you hire healthy, with strong population health data analysis
  • On-Site Health Checks - Routine analysis of your employees’ health & well-being.
  • Health Programmes - Design & implement programs aimed at minimizing health risks.
  • On-Site Clinic - To address both occupational & episodic care requirements.

Long Standing Partnerships

To Summarize

Our teams have already delivered 8000+ health checks this year and have an excellent customer satisfaction record.

We create customized health check packages for your employees based on your company’s nature of business, employee demographics & other relevant health information. We also quote the best price for health check packages.

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