Posted time 6 September 2023 Location Bangalore, Mumbai Job type Full Time Retainer


Attending to patients (including corporate employees, their family members, and other customers availing
healthcare services from HCL Healthcare) and providing consultation/counselling to them as per their emotional/
mental wellbeing related healthcare needs
Screening cases to identify those with emotional/mental health issues and other behavioral disorders and providing appropriate diagnosis for the same.
Using key psychometric tools and other methods to assess individuals for various mental health disorders.
Developing plan of management including needful counselling sessions, psychotherapy, and other strategies to
help and support patients availing care services at HCL Healthcare.
Creating written content for Emotional and Mental Wellbeing awareness and designing templates / other material
that can be shared with our clients and customers (including patients) for their information and guidance.
Providing counselling and using various other modalities of psychotherapy for improving emotional/mental
wellbeing and quality of life of individuals, groups, and families.
Doing follow-ups and providing additional care on an ongoing basis to patients with long-term mental health issues.
Referring patients to other specialists and doctors/providers, as needed.
Helping patients to set realistic goals and monitoring their progress.
Gauging clients’ requirements with respect to mental health wellness and well-being and facilitating the same
through appropriate modes, including written content, presentations, webinars, walk-throughs, and such other
events/ initiatives that are deemed to be necessary and/or needed for the purpose.
Conducting health advocacy sessions for internal team and clients/customers on useful emotional and behavioral
regulation techniques.


 Essential:
o Masters or M Phil in Clinical Psychology or equivalent
o Registration with the Rehabilitation Council of India
 Desirable: An advanced degree or a specialized course in the concerned domain of Psychology


 Essential: At least 3 year of professional experience after Masters or M Phil in Clinical Psychology or
 Desirable:
o Experience of conducting seminars / webinars on emotional and mental wellbeing
o Relevant professional experience in the corporate sector
o Evidenced flair of content writing (such as research papers, news articles, blogs etc.)


 Strong interpersonal communication skills
 Positive attitude towards teamwork

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