Posted time 16 May 2023 Location Hyderabad Job type Full Time Retainer

Job Description :

• Act as the Lead Nurse and take ownership for the clinical responsibilities.
• Owner to entry of Clinical data by the nursing team into EMR with full compliance as expected per the policy of the organization.
• Act as a responsible leader in providing adherence to Quality Standards and parameters.
• Ensure the submission of true Clinical data for Quality parameters and strive for 100% compliance.
• Be an active member to encourage team for regular trainings and achieving the expected competencies.
• At all times maintaining the Clinic equipped with medical and non-medical equipment’s and maintain the TAT of reorder level.
• To be well verse with internal and external client conflicts if any and channelizing the same as per the company policies and procedures.
• To maintain the roster to keep the Clinic manned all the time.
• Responsible to manage all the emergency conditions as per policies and procedure.
• Performing as per the nursing code and standards while following the four core principles and ethics of nursing practice viz.
• To always prioritize the well-being and care delivery of patients.
• To always provide quality care and treatment.
• To cooperate and coordinate with doctors and other clinicians/staff for ensuring the speedy recovery and well-being of all patients; and
• To always act with integrity and uphold the dignity of the nursing profession.
• Receiving queries of patients/callers at JPMC (as Level-1 Healthcare Provider) and responding to the same appropriately and as per the standard operating procedure for the same, which may include providing relevant health & allied information, assessment and identification with further triaging patients based on COVID-19 related common symptoms & other features and connecting relevant cases with the Clinic doctors/other clinicians for clinical consultation and further guidance/treatment as per the existing protocol. You are expected to establish good professional rapport with the patients and their attendants and will provide needful physical/virtual nursing and psychological support to them, as appropriate.
• Following-up with the all the patients including COVID-19 suspect & confirmed cases and other modalities being used by the organization) for their health status update and needful support including facilitation for follow-up clinical consultation with the doctors/ other clinicians.
• Liasoning for booking appointment for medical consultation of new and follow-up cases in the Clinic with the doctors/other clinicians and/or connecting the patients with the FOE’s directly for any scheduling / rescheduling of the appointment with the doctor.
• Extending nursing assistance to the doctors/other clinicians in facilitating clinical consultations, which may include collecting relevant initial information such as capturing medical history and vitals, doing triage for provisional clinical assessment (in terms of medical urgency/emergency & prioritization for consultation & other healthcare service delivery), performing limited clinical examination (to the extent practically possible and feasible in view of virtual interaction with such patients), doing ECG, collation of investigation reports, completing any required nursing process, and making clinical data entry thereof. This will require you to make necessary entries in the HCH Healthcare’s electronic medical records as the organization mostly uses specific electronic software and systems for this purpose.
• Providing post-consultation support to patients, which may include patient counselling as a Nurse, explaining/ reinforcing the clinical advice given by the treating clinician, explaining the prescribed medication in the language that patient understand, sharing of e-prescription, completing prescribed nursing process, booking of prescribed investigations, keep a record of the follow up appointments and/or other services (as per the standard operating procedure for the same).
• Responding to relevant clinical and allied requests/queries as received through emails and other approved electronic/other modes appropriately and within specified turnaround time as per the standard operating procedure for it.
• Coordinating with internal team members and relevant external stakeholders as part of rendering healthcare services and providing necessary information through approved modes and manners.
• Ensuring clinical quality in the nursing/allied healthcare services rendered by you, which includes but is not limited to abiding with and adherence to extant standard clinical pathways, procedure-related nursing skills, infection prevention & control protocols, and treatment guidelines as issued / endorsed by the statutory health authorities, renowned health agencies, reputed medical/nursing/scientific bodies, and the organization’s medical governance committee, and updates thereon from time to time.
• Supporting operational quality and compliances in relevant clinic operations, which includes but is not limited to abiding with and adherence to standard operating procedures, infection prevention & control policies & protocols, good nursing practices, patient privacy, clinical data confidentiality, maintenance of relevant medical & allied records, preparation & sharing of pertinent reports and other key incidents, ensuring operation of equipment (by completing preventive maintenance requirements, calling for repairs, and evaluating new equipment and techniques), and performing similar other activities as and when required / asked to do so by the organization. You will maintain continuity among nursing teams by documenting and communicating relevant information, actions taken, any gaps or irregularities observed, and further continuing needs.
• Actively participating as a team while handling medical emergency at the Clinic or may act as per SOP on receiving a call requiring dealing with medical emergency. It shall include appropriate assessment, critical thinking associated with the scenario in accordance with the doctor and other team members.
• Transfer the patient to the hospital as deemed necessary by the treating doctor. To adhere to the standard documentation process while transferring the patient taking in account the SOP for transport and Clinical quality parameters.
• To be well verse with the scope of the organisation and render the services in accordance with the same.
• At all times, maintain professionalism in terms of dealing with the patients and adherence to the mandatory Clinic checklist being followed and submitting to the Quality department.
• To be an active contributor for all Health Promotion Initiatives and Occupational Health Services in terms of camps, health talks, or as planned per the need under the scope of the Clinic.
• To be self-driven and motivated toward enhancing self-Clinical knowledge through active participation in the internal and external trainings. Should also be self-driven to voice out the needs of new and refresher trainings needed from time to time.
• Rendering your services with demonstration of good soft skills and interpersonal communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic) including cordial interaction with other team members, display of empathy & compassion with patients, and performing duties with sincerity, punctuality, integrity, and team spirit. You will perform your duties as per the assigned rota of shift duties and will not resort to unauthorized absence or take leave without prior intimation to and approval of your reporting manager.
• Attending to cases when received in the Clinic premises /or when requested by your reporting manager/other deputed staff of HCL Healthcare (which can sometimes happen even outside your routine shift duty/working hours in case of emergency/exigency).
• Participating in clinical, nursing, and allied trainings, meetings, and similar other activities as and when required/ asked to do so by the organization. This will also include facilitate training of other team members/staff and conducting similar other sessions as and when required/ asked to do so by the organization.
• Handling assigned clinical, nursing, and allied queries, complaints & similar other incidents for their appropriate and amicable redressal/ closure and submitting status update / action taken report thereon.
• Any other relevant clinical, nursing, and/or administrative task or responsibility that may be assigned to you by the organization, your reporting manager / supervisor, or other deputed staff of the organization, in view of achieving the organization’s objectives and in the wake of any medical or administrative exigency that may arise from time to time.

Desired Candidate Profile

• Essential: M.SC Nursing with minimum 5 years of work experience

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