Preventive Care Service

Transforming Lives with the power of preventive healthcare

Transforming Lives with the power of preventive healthcare

The Need for Preventive Care

The rising incidence of chronic lifestyle ailments like heart disease, diabetes and hormone imbalance are impacting organizational productivity. Effective, preventive care programs can improve morale, health, and wellbeing. Preventive care programs can also reduce the prevalence and impact of chronic diseases among the employee population leading to enhanced productivity.

Our Services

We offer comprehensive preventive care programs which are fully integrated with Electronic Medical Records allowing employers to get insights into population health metrics and develop appropriate management strategies.

Health Check-Ups

Early illness detention through regular preventive check-ups

Doctor Consultation

Trusted medical advice from our on-roll doctors

Virtual Consults

Medical consultation on phone or online

Sick Beds

A managed health transformation journey for at-risk patients

Specialist Consultation

A full array of specialists for all medical requirements


Adopt a healthy lifestyle today, for a healthier tomorrow

Emotional Well-Being

Balance your physical and mental wellness

Help your employees Live Healthy, Stay Healthy

Our Preventive Care Solution is a critical enabler of a managed employee health transformation in your organization.

To implement our Preventive Care solution in your organization