Counselling Psychologist

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As a Psychologist, deputed at Client’s location, you are expected to facilitate mental wellbeing, advocate health promotion, and support in management of various mental/emotional health problems and disorders within your technical capacity and ability to perform. For this purpose, you are expected to deal with individuals suffering from various mental health issues and provide guidance to them; such mental/emotional health issues may
range from various psychological and behavioral issues (that may be seen commonly in the education sector) to other issues related to chronic diseases, allied public health problems, and even serious mental health situations and related medical emergencies. Although you will provide your services through the physical (in-person) mode of consultation, you will also get cases to be handled through the virtual mode of consultation, in which you will use your professional judgment and abide with the relevant guidance for the purpose.

Your key roles and responsibilities are given below:
 Attending to patients (employees) and providing consultation/counselling to them as per their emotional/ mental wellbeing related healthcare needs.  Screening cases to identify those with emotional/mental health issues and other behavioral disorders.  Using key psychometric tools and other methods to assess individuals for various mental health issues.  Developing plan of management including needful counselling sessions, psychotherapy, and other strategies to help and support patients availing care services at HCL Healthcare.  Creating written content for Emotional and Mental Wellbeing awareness and designing templates / other material that can be shared with our clients and customers (including patients) for their information and guidance.  Providing counselling and using various other modalities of psychotherapy for improving emotional/mental
wellbeing and quality of life of individuals, groups, and families.  Doing follow-ups and providing additional care on an ongoing basis to patients with long-term mental health issues.
 Referring patients to other specialists and doctors/providers, as needed.  Helping patients to set realistic goals and monitoring their progress.  Gauging clients’ requirements with respect to mental health wellness and well-being and facilitating the same through appropriate modes, including written content, presentations, webinars, walk-throughs, and such other events/ initiatives that are deemed to be necessary and/or needed for the purpose.
 Conducting health advocacy sessions for internal team and clients/customers on useful emotional and behavioral
regulation techniques.

Further details of your job responsibilities are given below:

1. Providing consultation as a Psychologist to new and follow-up cases, which includes taking relevant mental health related and allied medical history (to the extent practically possible and feasible in case of virtual consultation); making appropriate assessment of mental health status (triage and categorization as per condition severity and risk stratification); providing necessary preventive health advice; providing needful
counselling and psychotherapy; and making necessary referrals to other providers/ specialists/ facilities wherever indicated.
2. Providing specialized consultation and services to patients with conditions related to mental and behavioral health domain, including psychological problems associated with chronic noncommunicable diseases (such as Diabetes Mellites, Hypertension, Heart diseases, Thyroid conditions, etc.) and other public health issues (including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic).
3. Facilitating and supervising relevant psychotherapies (such as cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation therapies, laughter therapy, meditation, yoga therapy, breathing exercises, etc.) to individuals and groups.
4. Customizing plan of management as per patient’s unique health conditions and felt needs in alignment with extant management protocols and guidelines, including recommendation of the organization’s managed care
plans and other service offerings on specified medical & allied health indications.
5. Counseling of patients and their attendants (when indicated), with appropriate explanation and discussion on the pertinent mental health condition, its severity, management options & its approach, prognosis, etc.
6. Making technical notes of consultations provided by you and documenting the same in a structured manner. This will require you to make necessary entries in the HCL Healthcare’s electronic medical records system as the organization mostly uses specific electronic software and related processes (and you will be given necessary training thereon) for this purpose.
7. Responding to technical and allied queries/requests as received through verbatims, emails, and other approved electronic modes (such as MS Teams) appropriately and within specified turnaround time as per the standard operating procedure for it.
8. Coordinating with internal team members and relevant external stakeholders (including statutory health authorities) as part of rendering mental health services and providing necessary information through approved modes and manners.
9. Ensuring quality in the healthcare services rendered by you, which includes but is not limited to abiding with and adherence to standard management guidelines/protocols as issued/ endorsed by the statutory health authorities, renowned health agencies, reputed medical/scientific bodies, and the organization’s medical governance committee, and updates thereon from time to time.
10. Supporting operational quality and compliances in relevant clinic operations, which includes but is not limited to abiding with and adhering to standard operating procedures, infection prevention & control protocols, good documentation practices, reporting of critical case and key incidents, and performing similar other activities as and when required / asked to do so by the organization.
11. Rendering your services with demonstration of good soft skills and interpersonal communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, written, and electronic) including cordial interaction with other team members, display of empathy
& compassion with patients, and performing duties with sincerity, punctuality, integrity, and team spirit. You will perform your duties as per the assigned rota of shift duties and will not resort to unauthorized absence or take leave without prior intimation to and approval of your reporting manager.
12. Attending cases when requested by HCL Healthcare (including its doctors and other providers/members), which can sometimes happen even outside your routine shift duty/ working hours in case of an emergency or exigency.
13. Participating in technical and allied trainings, meetings, and similar other activities as and when required/ asked to do so by the organization. This will also include facilitating training of other team members/staff and/or conducting health advocacy sessions/webinars as and when required/ asked to do so by the organization.
14. Handling technical and allied queries, complaints & similar other incidents for their appropriate and amicable redressal/ closure and submitting status update / action taken report thereon.
15. Any other technical and/or administrative task or responsibility that may be assigned to you by the organization and/or your reporting manager/supervisor, in view of achieving the organization’s objectives and in the wake of any medical, technical, or administrative exigency that may arise from time to time.

 Essential: Recognized MA / MSc in Psychology or equivalent  Desirable: An advanced degree or a specialized course in the concerned domain of Psychology

 Essential: At least 3 years of professional experience after MA / MSc in Psychology or equivalent  Desirable:
o At least 5 years of professional experience after MA / MSc in Psychology or equivalent, or
possessing M Phil in Clinical Psychology
o Relevant professional experience in the education sector
o Experience of conducting seminars / webinars on emotional and mental wellbeing
o Evidenced flair of content writing (such as research papers, news articles, blogs etc.)

 Strong interpersonal communication skills  Positive attitude towards teamwork