Wellness Program

Creating a Culture of Wellness

Creating a Culture of Wellness

The Need for Wellness Programs

Encouraging employees to live healthier lifestyles can have a powerful, positive impact in an organization. Organizations who adopt a culture of wellness, have seen higher employee engagement, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced employee retention.

At HCL Healthcare, our Wellness Programs are designed to motivate and support your employees in making lasting lifestyle changes that enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. Our Wellness Programs complement other service offerings and help enhance and sustain the impact of a positive health transformation in your organization.

Our Services

Our approach focuses on managing nutrition, alleviating stress and encouraging positive health habits among employees, backed by expert advice, training and counseling.

Stress Management & Life Counseling

Onsite counseling for emotional well-being to manage personal and professional challenges.


Virtual and onsite access to fun physical programs to keep your workforce healthier and happier.

Nutritional Advice

Improvement in health and quality of life through dietary assessment and guidance from trained nutritionists.


Our Yoga sessions are designed to improve physical health and reduce stress among your employees.


Enjoy fun Zumba sessions to manage and beat your daily stress.

Organisations Thrive when their Employees Thrive

HCL Healthcare’s wellness programs are designed to create and sustain a culture of positive health.

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