Anchoring 360⁰ Health and Wellness

Worksite Health Centres

We create fully integrated customized medical solutions on the campus, to ensure optimum health and wellness for employees. It is one of the most coveted benefits that an organization can utilize to cultivate a culture of wellness, reduce absenteeism, lower attrition, and increase engagement at the workplace. It is a personalised, affordable medical care and wellness programming to the workplace.

Full-Circle Health Coverage

Primary Care

Routine check-up, Diagnosis & treatment of common ailments, Chronic disease management, Management of acute medical conditions

Preventive Care

Health checks & Laboratory services, Radio – Diagnostic, Screening Camp, Vaccination, Optometry

Specialty Care

Gynecology, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Internist

Lifestyle Management

Dietetics, Wellness Programs, Lifestyle Disorder Management, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist

Emergency Care

Ambulance services, COVID-19 Care, Medical helpline numbers.

Health Checks

We offer comprehensive health check programs for corporates, integrated with clinical analytics for timely intervention and health transformation. Employee health checks promote the company values towards its employee’s health and welfare, which helps to build a culture of wellness. It also ensures the employees receive optimum care and have appropriate information to take timely decision.

Health Check Model incorporates:

Hybrid Delivery

On-site Clinics, Off-site Care, and Home Sampling

Clinical Intervention

Diagnostics and Consultations, Clinical insights and reporting, digital dashboards, prescriptions, and health analysis

Customer Experience

Care coordination & hand holding approach, robust feedback mechanism through NPS, customized communication roadmap based on employee gender, age, and health condition.

Integrated Tele-Medicine

We deliver EMR led medical helpline for holistic care of employees. Our telemedicine solution brings ease of access to employees who can receive consultations anytime, anywhere irrespective of their work location. It is a trusted and uninterrupted Clinical assistance, ideal for a diverse workforce and Hybrid Workplace scenarios.

We provide 24x7 Medical Helpline for:

Primary Care Services

Consultations, E-Prescription, Ambulance support, COVID care programs, Second Opinion, Return to office support.

Specialty Services

Gynecology, Pediatrics, Internist, Dermatology, Physiotherapist, Psychologist

Mental Health & Well-being

One on One Counselling, Group Sessions on Mental Health, Wellbeing Sessions, Curated topics for webinars

Physical & Mental Wellbeing

We offer clinically designed programs to engage and motivate employees in making lasting lifestyle changes that enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. The programs are customizable and as per the industry requirement. The wellness solutions include:

  • Webinars on Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Periodic Workshops and Ask Your Doctor Sessions
  • Physical interventions and Fitness Stress Management Activities
  • Mindful Meditation Sessions
  • Mental Health Focus
  • Life Coach Consultation
Other Healthcare Services

HCL Healthcare offers a range of other healthcare services to engage the employees and create a culture of well-being in the workplace. The offers include:

  • Chronic Condition Care
  • HRA: Health Risk Assessment
  • BLS Trainings (Basic Life Support)
  • Women Wellness Sessions
  • Vaccination Drives
  • Workshops with specialists
  • Marathon events

Wellness Events

Medical facility at
Business Events