We believe that healthy employees make for a positive and productive workplace and a healthier bottom line.
HCL Healthcare helps progressive organizations deliver a world-class healthcare and wellness experience through a wide range of onsite and online solutions.
Today, we serve over 250000 individuals with a reach over 550+ cities PAN India.

The HCL Healthcare Advantage

Comprehensive Services

Designed to International Standards

Intelligent Analytics & Dashboards

Hybrid & Customisable Delivery

We offer our client organizations a broad range of healthcare services through a team of over 280+ on-roll clinical staff. Our solutions are designed to operate in a seamless manner and deliver improved health outcomes. We leverage best-in-class equipment and technology to improve our service delivery.

Our secure Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) make it easier for employees to view and manage their records. Employers benefit from intelligent analytics and dashboards which allow them to assess the healthcare needs of the organization and plan targeted interventions.

Find the Relevant Solution for Your Needs

COVID Care Management

Our COVID Care Management Solution ensures that your employees can easily access all solutions, from testing to treatment and vaccination, through a single window. Our highly qualified clinical staff are experienced in all aspects of Covid management and have addressed the needs of over 10,000 patients across the country. Employers benefit from access to relevant health data through secure Electronic Medical Records that allow them to minimize disruptions to business.

Onsite Healthcare

Our onsite clinics offer high-quality preventive and curative medical care to your employees. Our solutions include diagnostics, consultation, tele-medicine, pharmacy, emergency management, referral management and wellness. Electronic Medical Records and analytics dashboard help organizations to assess the population health requirements and target appropriate interventions. Our clinics and processes are designed to the highest international standards and designed to deliver better health outcomes for your employees.

Preventive Healthcare

Our preventive health services identify at-risk employees through diagnostic health check-ups followed by clinical investigations. At-risk employees are enrolled in one of our managed care plans with diet counseling and fitness coaching to manage their health. Regular follow-ups by our on-roll clinical staff ensure adherence and make sustained health improvements. Intelligent dashboards and analytics help organizations assess and plan relevant health interventions leading to enhanced productivity and lower absenteeism.

Wellness Management

Our unique wellness program incentivizes employees to lead healthier lifestyles by inculcating and sustaining positive healthcare habits. Experienced professionals deliver a range of on-site and online wellness programs for your employee. We offer active wellness solutions like Yoga, Laughter Sessions and Zumba classes as well as inculcate positive lifestyle changes through Life Coaching, Nutritional Sessions and Counseling.

HCL Healthcare has a wide spectrum of services & reach PAN India


Clinic visits availed


Health Checks covered


COVID Cases managed


Patients enrolled under Chronic Care Programs


Emergency Cases attended


On-Roll Clinical Support

Benefits of a Healthy Investment in Your Employees

Employees are the most valuable asset for any organization and investing in their health and wellness results in good returns, not just in terms of employee health and wellbeing but also in a healthier bottom line for the organization.

Lower Healthcare Cost

Lower Employee Attrition

Increased Productivity

Reduced Work-related Stress

Higher Employee Engagement

Higher Employee Attraction

Decrease In Absenteeism

Studies have shown that each dollar invested in employee health can generate 2.8X returns in terms of employee productivity over time.*

Delivering Impactful Solutions – Our Case Studies

Helped a leading technology player stay ahead of COVID-19 disruptions to business
Implementing a Diabetes management program in a leading MNC
Inculcating a culture of preventive health checks in a leading global organization.
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