Posted time 4 December 2023 Location Madurai Job type Full Time Retainer

• Verifying patient’s identity and reviewing physician’s orders before beginning X-Ray procedures.
• Using X-Ray equipment to take radiographic images as per physicians’ documented orders, including routine chest x-rays, limb x-rays, and mammogram.
• Explaining X-Ray procedures to patients and answering their queries.
• Positioning patients appropriately for X-ray procedures, which may include lifting and moving patients with limited mobility.
• Limiting radiation exposure to patients by placing lead shields on them where needed.
• Ensuring that the X-Rays images taken are of good quality, to avoid repeat procedures.
• Working closely with the Radiologist attached to the health facility to determine whether further tests are required.
• Ensuring that the X-Ray equipment is regularly serviced and in good working order.
• Promptly notifying management of damaged or multifunctioning X-Ray equipment.
• Storing and maintaining appropriate records of completed X-Ray procedures.
• Respecting and maintaining patient privacy and clinical data confidentiality. It includes strict adherence to the Chaperon Policy of the organization.
• Ensuring administration of radiation in a safe and prescribed manner.
• Logging and organizing image results, including developing film and assisting the Radiologist with interpretation of radiographic results.

• Recognized degree/diploma in Radiography such as B.Sc./Diploma in Radiography, Radiology, Diagnostic Radiography, Radiological Technology, or equivalent

• Minimum 2 years of proven (evidence-based) experience of working as a Radiographer in a large hospital, clinic, or diagnostic centre.
• Hands-on experience of performing routine x-ray imaging including chest x-rays, limb x-rays, and mammogram.

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